Are You In Control or Would you like to “Be In Control” of what foods are correct for your system & get the same result every time you eat…mentally & physically?

Listen to Donielle share insight about what’s foods are correct for her and how others she thought were good being marketed towards females were actually causing her cell death, very high levels of inflammation & inconsistent hormone energy…

Donielle ReGained Control, as every woman desires, Thru ➡️her Dietary Engineering Science,
what our patients call; { The Dietary Cheat Code Playbook….}

What’s Your Dietary Cheat Code?

Consider this food for thought….
We as a human species take for granted that everything we put into our mouth, from a food form to a supplement from our body knows how to use those nutrients well, that’s not the truth, that’s marketing just like Arnold Schwarzenegger explained to everyone in the documentary GameChangers.

The truth is we are all unique and individual and certain foods cause cell death to some individuals and not to others, as-in white blood cell death, it is different for every individual, not one individual is the same in 40 years of practice in the field. The dietary engineering “Dietary Cheat-Code” Integrated Nutritional program for Applied Immunology is here and ready to guide you into HealthCare greatness.

Reducing medications, weight-loss, consistent efficient sleep, hormones functioning in harmony, gaining muscle, improved skin, anti-aging, improved memory or eyesight, the positive side effects are possibilities patients have been experiencing for years when following the parameters of the program, oh yeah and we do not require exercise to accomplish any of these potential positive side effects as a parameter of the dietary engineering program.

Keep an open mind & an open heart & get the big idea, your system just needs no cellular interference, it is that simple yet that powerful, I look forward to listening & speaking soon DrLM.