A new study from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University shows exactly what Dr.Leon & Sari Mellman’s patients have been documenting for years in sports interviews from Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and ESPN’s 30 for 30. This study points to promising signs that hyperbaric oxygen chamber care can reverse and stop the aging process of blood cells and telomeres in healthy aging adults, a Win-Win for everyone and from all walks of life.

Doc Leon Mellman’s and SariMellman’s pro-athlete patients, housewives, military veterans, weekend warriors, and common entrepreneurs, have all benefited from hyperbaric oxygen chamber care. This is especially the case when paired with their Dietary Engineering/Dietary Cheat Code Nutritional Program, founded by Sari Mellman. A program initially designed to save Leon’s life at the young age of 4.

Dr. Leon acquired their first oxygen chamber in 2001 and now 20 years later ~ they have been pairing their individualized and unique nutritional program to Dr.Leon’s understanding of hyperbaric chamber science and implementation of protocols.

Enjoy the quick summary read & contact us to request a tour, or get scheduled for a 7-minute immune system scan on a NASA co-founded diagnostic piece of technology. This helps Dr.Leon determine how to start your hyperbaric oxygen chamber care. It’s then paired to a fun-fact lifestyle quick meet & greet convo that matches a care package option, best suited for your experience.

Doc Leon Mellman is in his 20th year practicing similar protocols at his private healthcare campus, now located in west Fort Lauderdale/Davie Florida. Contact to rent or purchase for in-home use with training.

Chamber Installs
It’s to our understanding and practice experience when pairing the oxygen chamber science to our dietary engineering nutritional program as many “not just in the United state’s” oftentimes positive side effects as our patients’ hint are experienced much sooner than later, as sometimes cited in research articles.

Dr.Leon is amongst some of the longest oxygen chamber practitioners in the country and in 2017 was a guest speaker at the international hyperbaric association’s convention.

Offering patients that are local to the west Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus/office or patients that choose to fly in for hands-on care have access to one of the only showrooms in the South Eastern United States. Our 6-thousand square-foot campus always has 8-oxygen chambers on the floor servicing patients. It also includes 3-super hyperbaric oxygen chambers, all in an athletic open setting that welcomes healing, performance, and a culturally energetic feel. Patients start to cheer others on regardless of where people appear to be in their hands-on care. You will witness people just starting out or traveling in & out of town, to being at the peak of their health at our campus. Individuals of all ages are all working to Be Their Greatest.

Dietary Engineering Dietary Cheat-Code Nutritional Program Monthly Payment Options & Oxygen “O2” Hyperbaric Chamber’s are available if local. Monthly care packages are available or for home Rental or purchase.

Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour if you’re ready to visit our very special place, The “BYG-Campus”.